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Calling this hook will return an object with bunch of functions in it. Let's take a closer look on each. Here and farther name refers to local toast target name and id to toast id.

// toastId can be used in remove or update functions
const toastId = showToast(name: string, text: string, options: {
type?: 'info' | 'success' | 'warning' | 'error' | 'loading', // Default 'success'
placement?: ToastPlacement, // Default 'top'
duration?: number, // Default 2500ms

To update toast you call updateToast function. You can update only toast data. So, for default implementation it's only type and text. You can't update placement for example.

updateToast(toastId, {
type: 'success',
text: 'Successfully downloaded!'

// Partial updates supported too
updateToast(toastId, {
text: 'Successfully downloaded!'

To remove one or multiple toasts you call either removeToast, removeAllByName or removeAll.

// To remove one toast:
// To remove all toasts from target
// Remove all toasts on page