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This function accepts your ToastComponent and creates context and all neccessary pieces to make your custom implementation work under hood. It returns:

  • Provider – provider to wrap your application in.
  • Target – target to wrap your components for which you want to display toasts.
  • useCustomLocalToast – hook that provides access to create/update/remove functions.

While useCustomLocalToast might be used as is, I'd recommend to wrap in into other hook with API, that better reflects your needs and application specifics. You can see example in default-implementation.tsx where we create our own showToast function instead of using addToast provided by parent hook.

So, useCustomLocalToast returns these function:

// Here T refers to your toast data type
addToast(name: string, data: T, placement?: ToastPlacement) => string; // returns toast id
updateToast(id: string, newData: Partial<T>) => void;
removeToast(id: string) => void;
removeAllToastsByName(name: string) => void;
removeAllToasts() => void;